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Cheesy Dutch Baby

Imagine a crepe and an omelette had a love child and covered it with a tangy salad. Intrigued? Dutch baby is like a giant puffy pancake— part popover, part soufflé and all delicious. Making it feels a bit like a magic trick since you put a pan of liquid batter into the oven and in no time it blooms up into a crispy, golden puffball (kids will happily sit in front of the oven glass and watch its progress with awe). Dutch baby is also like a distant but beloved cousin of the cheddar soufflé in my first book. It’s easier and faster than soufflé, though, and while it’s not as luxurious, it’s still incredibly tasty and satisfying. And since...

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I don't know too many kids that don't love tacos. It's the perfect meal for picky eaters to more sophisticated palates. This recipe uses our Mythic Mole Seasoning Rub to replace the salt-laden pre-packaged seasoning blends many people use. But we also give you a recipe for making your own blend too.

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Tomato Jam

This is one of my favourite savoury condiments to make when tomatoes are in season! It makes a small batch, but I easily triple it for a batch that will last me all season when I have a delicious roast, scrambled eggs, spread on a sandwich or a quick topping for cheese and crackers.  It makes a great hostess gift when you bring along some delicious cheese too. - Donna-Marie

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