What age are your cooking classes for?

  • The majority of our cooking classes are designed for adults, aged 16+. However, we are often asked if people can bring their child who loves to cook and wants to take a cooking class. Please just give us a call first and we can chat about it. Often we can direct you to one of our Tween/Teen, Families In The Kitchen or PD Day cooking classes that might be more suited for a younger audience.

What if I am sick on the day of a cooking class?

  • We understand life throws you a curve ball once in a while and plans need to change. Please refer to our Booking and Cancellation Policies for specific details. Consider our cooking classes like cooking events. If you failed to show up for an event (such as a concert) you cannot get a credit back, no matter the reason. While we are not rock stars, please think of our classes the same way!


I have been collecting my Relish Rewards since 2015. What will happen to my points I have collected to date?

  • We appreciate your loyalty and want you to continue to be a supportive Relish customer. Our new RELISH REWARDS PROGRAM goes into effect on January 1, 2020. We will honour any points you have collected until February 28, 2020, however we will not be issuing any new Relish Rewards cards. Points will not be transferred onto your new account, but make sure to create your account so you can start to collect new points immediately.

Will I get an after class discount on my purchases?

  • Our  RELISH REWARDS PROGRAM rewards you for every purchase you make including cooking classes, in-store merchandise, gourmet food, sale and clearance items. When you purchase anything from Relish, you get points! You can check your balance anytime and redeem at anytime. The choice is yours.