The Bare Home

The Bare Home are proud producers of eco-cleaners and natural soaps that are safe for you, your home, and the earth. Clean convenience you and your family can feel good about.
The Bare Home offers a full line of cleaning products along with a unique 3 liter  at-home refill station.

When creating the collection, the priorities were to create products that were effective and clean for the environment. This meant that all of the products would be biodegradable, phosphate free, and dye free. Never tested on animals and only scented with high quality essential oils. 

By using refillable products in your home, you're contributing to the elimination of single use plastics. Refilling with one three liter box replaces six bottles going to landfill.


Sustainable living is about choice. It’s control. Controlling your health. Controlling your consumption of what’s easy to understand. Deciding how close to nature, or natural, you feel you need. Choosing to purchase goods that others have produced in good conscience, or to do good, or to improve on a wrong, or to start again.