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The modern craft movement of classic cocktails is back and nothing hints more of summer than gin!

But did you know G&T takes its roots from the jungles of Malaya. This workshop will take you through how necessity created a cocktail and how popularity took the drink very far away from its roots. Sommelier & mixologist Ash Gibson will walk you through the different gin styles (yes there are multiple) before you learn how to craft your own cocktails. Ash give you a lesson on "muddling" to create a bright herb-scented gin cocktail. Of course, you'll make a delicious food accompaniment to serve alongside your cocktail So come join the fun and see why gin is in.  

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Cocktail glasses, stir stick, muddler, chef knife, cutting board, rolling pin, baking sheet

MENU: Classic G&T, Basil Smash / Rustic Roasted Tomato Tart

Food Kit Includes: Pre-made Sour Cream-Cornmeal Dough, Tomatoes, fresh basil, Parmesan cheese, goats cheese, gin (for 2 drinks), tonic water NO DELIVERY AVAILABLE. Food kits are available for pick up only. Pick up of the food kit will be 2 to 24 hours prior to class. Pick up at Relish Cooking Studio 

INSTRUCTOR: Ashley Gibson / Donna-Marie Pye, P.H.Ec,

CLASS TYPE: Mix/Cook-Along / Virtual


  • All classes delivered using the Zoom platform
  • Price is 1 device per household
  • Classes are fully interactive and cook-along style
  • Class length is 1 1/2 to 2 hours
  • 1 week prior to the class you will receive:
    • Class ID Number/URL
    • Recipe Package
    • Shopping List
    • Equipment List

    RELISH RECIPES are developed using common cooking and baking ingredients that may or may not be specified in the menu titles, including various fruits and vegetables, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours, etc. If you have a food allergy, please check with us before attending the class. Adjustments to recipes cannot be made during class.