BREMEN BURR Electric Burr Coffee and Spice Grinder

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The GROSCHE BREMEN Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is our premium coffee grinder for every day use. Its compact size and even and consistent burr grinding make it an ideal sizes for kitchens without a lot of extra counter space. It is also very reasonably priced for its features and capability. That makes it a winning candidate for best budget electric coffee grinder.

It grinds coffee beans effortlessly between the double burrs rather than being sliced by blades. That gives us precise and more even consistent coffee grinds every time. The 20 grind settings ensures that every grind is exactly what you want, whether that’s more coarse for French press coffee (coarse grind) or espresso (fine grind).

Enjoy the aroma and flavour of fresh grounds with the GROSCHE BREMEN electric burr coffee grinder.

For even and consistent grinds, a burr grinder is what coffee lovers turn to.Coffee grinder burr vs blade: A burr grinder features dual coffee grinding burrs (can be flat burrs or conical burrs) that grind coffee beans to a more uniform size than blade grinders. The space between the grinding burrs on the Bremen is adjustable with 20 grind settings. So, you can get uniform and consistent grinds every time.

In a blade grinder you have to manually or visually estimate how much you grind your coffee beans. A burr grinder is more accurate and repeatable an consistent for grinding. A blade grinder is more compact and versatile as you can often grind nuts and herbs and seeds in it as well.

The GROSCHE BREMEN Burr also gives you a removable container to store your grounds. This powerful burr coffee grinder also features an ultra high efficiency motor that won’t scorch your beans and non-slip rubber feet.

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