BREMEN BLADE Electric Blade Coffee And Spice Grinder

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Looking for the best budget electric coffee grinder and spice grinder 2-in-1? The GROSCHE BREMEN Blade is an electric blade coffee grinder and perhaps the best spice grinder too. A modern design blade grinder that can easily grind coffee, nuts, herbs, or spices with its stainless steel grinding blades and 180 Watts of grinding power. Made for minimalists and even travelers who want fresh, better tasting coffee!

The Bremen Blade coffee and spice grinder is powerful, convenient, and compact. Also this coffee spice and nut grinder doesn’t cost a fortune.

For coffee, every barista will tell you fresh ground coffee beans are always best, and the GROSCHE BREMEN Blade has everything you need to make fresh grounds for rich, full bodied coffee! This powerful blade electric coffee grinder has a 180 Watts of Power and a stainless steel grinding chamber that coffee lovers will appreciate. The chamber fits enough grounds for 6 cups of coffee.

For making fresh ground spices, the Bremen blade is the best spice grinder for its power, convenience, and compact design. Easy one touch pulse grinding for spices and nuts gives you fast and even results.

It’s compact size saves you counter space and the stainless steel blades give a quick, consistent and even grind. The BREMEN Blade lets you control the grinding size with pulse control by pressing the top. Just tap or hold down the power button for 5-8 seconds for a coarse grind (French press), 10-12 seconds for a medium grind (pour over) and 15-20 seconds for a fine grind (espresso).

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