Le Creuset Cast Iron Balti Dish

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Inspired by North Pakistani cuisine, the Balti Dish is specifically designed to prepare marinated meats, vegetables, and to integrate spices into meals. Featuring a wide, curved base, the Balti Dish is perfect for stirring meat and vegetables with ease.

Crafted with enamelled cast iron, the Balti Dish is an exceptional retainer of heat all-while spreading it evenly throughout the dish. This piece of cookware is compatible with all cooktops, including induction, and is built to last. Its wide loop handles make it easier to transfer from stovetop to table.

Our Balti Dish can withstand higher temperatures thanks to its black interior enamel and does not require further seasoning. Whether you are preparing a chicken balti, a curry, or a Paneer Balti Masala, our Balti dish will help you experiment with new cuisines for the whole family.


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