Joyce Chen 2-Piece Sushi Making Kit with Sushi Roller

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Roll up your sleeves and get ready to make your own sushi with the Joyce Chen 2-Piece Sushi Making Kit. This DIY sushi making kit includes all the tools you need to start rolling your own sushi like a professional chef. The instruction booklet guides you through each step, so you'll be deftly maneuvering the bamboo rice paddle, smoothing layers of rice onto the traditional bamboo-and-string sushi mat, and rolling it up into tasty rolls in no time.

With the Joyce Chen 2-Piece Sushi Making Kit, you can make an impressive array of sushi rolls right in your own kitchen to impress your guests.
  • Complete sushi making kit includes all basic tools needed for making sushi at home: bamboo sushi mat, bamboo rice paddle, sushi instruction & recipe booklet
  • Bamboo rice paddle to evenly spread out a layer of sushi rice
  • Traditional bamboo and string sushi mat allows for easy rolling of sushi rolls
  • Instruction booklet guides beginners through each step of the sushi making process
  • Includes out-of-the-box recipes for creating a variety of sushi rolls
  • Durable and eco-friendly bamboo material used for sushi mat and rice paddle
  • Hand wash for best results

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