Emile Henry Focaccia Bread Baker

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Our Focaccia Bread Baker will bring out the Italian in you! A generous size, with high sides and practical handles, it is ideal for serving directly from the oven to the table!

Made from ceramic, our Focaccia Bread Baker diffuses the heat slowly and evenly so that even the thickest Focaccia is perfectly cooked right to the centre.

The result is a golden crust with a soft, airy inside, a generous size ideal for sharing directly from the oven to the table.

But what exactly is a focaccia? Some think of it as flat bread, others as a thick pizza... This Italian speciality can also be found in the Provence region of France, but known as ‘Fougasse’, and is delicious at any time of the day!

Unflavoured for breakfast, it can also be spiced up with rosemary and dipped in olive oil for aperitif. Adding bacon and cheese, it can be served with a salad for lunch or dinner…

Whatever the recipe, it is always a pleasure for the eyes when presented in the elegant but practical Focaccia bread baker. A generous dose of olive oil over the entire surface will make turning out easy, and our highly resistant glass-based glaze allows the use of metallic utensils for cutting and serving. The baker is easy to clean either in the dishwasher or by hand

 Dimensions: 40.5X32X6.9cm Inside: 32.5X28.5X6.9cm

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