de Buyer Crepe Pan

de Buyer Crepe Pan

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De Buyer Mineral B pancake pan is the best choice when you want enjoy the perfect pancakes at home. These pancakes can even stand their ground against the pancakes made on the iron griddle. It’s easy to slide the spatula under the pancake on a low-edged pan, and even a thin pancake is easy to flip.

This De Buyer pancake pan is made of uncoated carbon steel, that develops a natural non-stick surface in the use. It also doesn’t shred any coatings or chemicals into your pancakes.

You can also use this pan on a campfire or on the grill- this durable pan can handle an open fire!

This pan suits any frying that doesn’t require high edges. So with this pan you can also fry steaks, vegetables, eggs, and fish filets! This one won’t just stay in the back of the cabinet, and collect dust.

You should order some Muurikka silava with the pan to get the seasoning right.

This pan has no skeletons in the closet, it’s just actually an excellent product. Buy a genuine French pan with a regular pan’s price.

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