Alfi Bread Scorer

Alfi Bread Scorer

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The patented ALFI® BreadScorer is an outstanding baker’s tool that effortlessly and consistently ensures the proper rising of the dough in the oven. The Alfi bread scorer requires minimal training, guesswork or learning-curve, and eliminates costly, time-consuming errors. Used in artisan bakeries and bakery chains all over the world for optimal baking efficiency. It is ergonomically designed with a specially coated blade that minimizes dragging or pulling. You get the perfect score, every time!


  • Pre-measured super sharp blade depth yields a perfect cut
  • Avoid bulging, cracking or exploding of loaf during baking
  • Drag-free blade eliminates pulling
  • Ensures proper rising of dough
  • NSF Approved, Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in USA
  • Available in six colours, green, orange, yellow, white, light blue, and brown.
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