Offida Pecorino 2019 "Aurai" DOCG

Offida Pecorino 2019 "Aurai" DOCG

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Hand-picked between late August and early September, depending on the year, it is fermented in wooden barrels and then it sits on fine lees in steel tanks for the entire winter. When in bottles, it expresses its fresh character, broom hints and Mediterranean fragrance that recall the good spring days we used to spend in the countryside. It is aged in bottles for some months before being able to express itself at its best. It is suitable for appetizers and fish starters. It is ideal to pair with structured first dishes, like ‘cannelloni’ and white bolognese lasagna.
The Pecorino grapes are located in the only plain area of our small valley, which borders with the olive trees to the East, and with our big oak tree to the South. Close to the long canebrake that provides many animals with shelter (foxes, hares, wild boars, roe deers, turtle doves, hoopoes and woodpeckers), the pecorino grapes benefit from a cooler and different weather that gives the wine we produce a fresh and mineral personality. The Aurai is a wine that takes great advantage of the land and expresses happiness and generosity in every single sip.
It is suitable for pasta recipes, fish like mackerel, salmon, tuna and sardine. It matches perfectly with sushi, octopus and squid salad, white meat like the ‘ncip and nciap chicken’ recipe. The optimal serving temperature is 14°C. 

Technical Characteristics:

Variety: 100% Pecorino
Production area: Le Marche, Italy
Alcohol: 13% ​​by vol.

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