Simply Rooted Traditional Wooden Bowls

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Skillfully Handcrafted from Locally Reclaimed Wood.
All of the finishes we use are 100% natural, organic and food safe.

Our traditional bowls illustrate the quintessential bowl, representing what people often think of as a “wood bowl” or “salad bowl”. We have elevated our bowls by focusing on using woods that have deep, rich and vibrant colors, and by giving each bowl beautiful flowing curves, unflappable balance. These wooden bowls have a calm and majestic presence which get better with time, use and enjoyment. The quality of our handmade bowls is apparent as soon as you pick them up and feel the smooth, sating feel of the wood. You know your bowl is unique as each one will have subtle variances in color, shape and height, something that comes naturally with handmade products made from wood.

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