Bloom Dinner Plate

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Too nice to simply use outside! The dinner plate Bloom looks stylish on every table, is lightweight and perfectly stackable. It can endure rough handling, so you can easily take it along everywhere.

  • Modern and stylish dinnerware
  • Contemporary colours
  • Handy to take with you on holiday

Melamine plates so stylish that you would really also want to use them inside? This is exactly what we have achieved with the new Mepal Bloom plates. Look up close: the plate has a unique speckled and matt finish inspired by Pebbles that have been sanded down by water and wind. Naturally, the plates are BPA-free, scratch resistant and suitable for the dishwasher. To add to that, the entire collection is stackable, extremely strong and lightweight. All the qualities you would want for an intimate rooftop dinner or sizzling summer barbeque. And if you can't wait for lovely weather (which we understand), then why not use the dinnerware inside. The Bloom dinnerware is available in six different colours and great to mix and match together.

279 mm / 11"

18 mm / 0.7"

240 gr / 8.5 oz
Dishwasher safe
Not freezer safe
Not microwave safe
Suitable for contact with food
0% BPA


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