Bloom 600ml Bowl

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Too nice to simply use outside! The serving bowl Bloom looks stylish on every table, is lightweight and perfectly stackable. It can endure rough handling, so you can easily take it along everywhere.

  • Modern and stylish dinnerware
  • Contemporary colour
  • Handy to take with you on holiday

erve homemade hummus? Or your delicious pizza pieces? Present them in this stylish white Bloom serving bowl. The little bowl has a unique speckled and matt finish and are a real joy to look at. Its appearance is inspired by Pebbles washed down by water and wind. This bowl is lightweight and can endure rough handling. So, ideal for both inside and outside! The bowls are also easily stackable and can be placed in the dishwasher after they have been used.

600 ml / 20 oz
154 mm / 6.1"
59 mm / 2.3"
140 gr / 4.9 oz

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