Wusthof Classic 2 pc Starter Set

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Just starting your kitchen collection? Need a housewarming gift? The Wüsthof Classic Starter Starter Set is the perfect solution. This set outfits your kitchen with the absolute essentials: a chef’s knife, and a pairing knife.

Featuring the most useful knife in any block, the Wüsthof Classic 8” Chef’s knife is made of exceptional German steel, and excels at almost every kitchen task. Designed to be your most-reached-for knife, you can mince garlic, chop veggies, slice meats—whatever you need to do, this knife is ready.

The Wüsthof paring knife is a small all-purpose knife of with a plain edge and is ideal for all small cutting tasks in the kitchen. After a chef’s knife, the paring knife is the most important knife in a chef’s toolkit. Best suited for cutting hand-held items, a paring knife can peel an apple, remove the stem from a strawberry, and take the eyes out of a potato without breaking a sweat.

Like all Wusthof knives, they are made in Solingen Germany and are precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel. Using XCrMoV15 steel, this high-carbon steel holds a razor-sharp 15° edge and keeps it sharp for up to 30% longer than other steels. 

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