YOUTH SUMMER CAMP (AGES 10 – 14): In The French Kitchen - Week Long Camp

YOUTH SUMMER CAMP (AGES 10 – 14): In The French Kitchen - Week Long Camp

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Ignite your kids passion for cooking in our 1-week full day cooking camp learning how to prepare classic French dishes.

In our five-day “In The French Kitchen” cooking camp young teens ages 10 to 14 experiment hands-on with simple yet sophisticated French-inspired menus that they’ll enjoy recreating at home. Working with many local and international ingredients, they will learn the basics of cooking and baking techniques, menu planning, and organizing prep work. We will explore how to make dishes such as Oeufs en cocotte (Individual Baked Eggs), Veloute de Legumes (Creamy Vegetable Soup) and Poulet Roti (Classic Roast Chicken) plus create classic French baked good such as Croissants, Eclairs and Mousse au Chocolat. We will also volunteer in a community garden, take a tour of a local restaurant plus include a few fun field trips for an action-packed week of food and fun.

Camp runs from 10 am till 4 pm Monday - Friday. 

Cost is $425.00 per student and includes a copy of “In The French Kitchen With Kids” by Mardi Michels, all field trips and their “own-made” lunch and snacks. Space is limited. (Parents: If your child has a dietary restriction, please inform us. We try to accommodate wherever possible, within reason. We are not a gluten or nut-free facility.)