Virtual Cooking: Farmers Market Dinner

Virtual Cooking: Farmers Market Dinner

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With fresh local produce at it's peak, let's cook up a easy summer dinner with what's in season. In tonight's class, we'll prepare vegetable fritters with a creamy summer sauce and roasted garden tomatoes. Then we'll also create a delicious simple dessert with Ontario peaches, perfect for serving over vanilla ice cream on a hot summer night. You'll practise your knife skills while chopping the herbs, remove the corn from its cob, prepare a batter for fluffy, light fritters and practise the art of sauteing with peaches. So let's not let the summer end, but enjoy the best of what it has to offer.

FOOD KIT INCLUDES: (Serves 2) grape tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, fresh corn, yogurt, fresh herbs , peaches plus some pantry essentials. Pick Up is 12 - 24 hours in advance. NO DELIVERY AVAILABLE

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Non-stick fry pan, saute pan/cast iron fry pan

MENU: Zucchini & Corn Fritters with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Caramel Peaches

INSTRUCTOR: Donna-Marie Pye

FORMAT: Cook-Along

  • All classes delivered using the Zoom platform
  • Price is 1 device per household
  • Classes are fully interactive and cook-along style
  • Class length is 1 1/2 to 2 hours
  • 1 week prior to the class you will receive:
    • Class ID Number/URL
    • Recipe Package
    • Shopping List
    • Equipment List

RELISH RECIPES are developed using common common cooking and baking ingredients that may or not be specified in the menu titles including various fruits and vegetable, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours etc. If you have a food allery or want to know about a food substitution, please ask ahead of the class or we are happy to make suggestions for other substitutions.