TEEN 3-DAY SUMMER SERIES: Advanced Baking (August)

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Treat your budding foodie to three days of hands-on baking. In our all new summer series, designed for ages 12 and older, your teen will learn to become more creative and confident in the kitchen.  Guided by a chef instructor, they’ll explore challenging recipes while learning advanced baking techniques, essential food prep skills and best practices for kitchen safety. At the end of the session, your teen will go home with skills to use for a lifetime.  Space is limited. (This camp is not ideal for children with gluten, dairy or nut allergies/sensitivities.) 
Children must be aged 12 or older to attend. While we certainly enjoy educating our adult patrons, this series is designed for teens 12 to 16. Please contact us if you have questions (519) 954-8772


Day 1:  Bagels & Schmears

  • Bagel Dough
  • Homemade Everything Spice
  • Cream Cheese Schmear

Day 2:  The French Patisserie

  • Pate a Choux
  • Pastry Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache

 Day 3: Artisan Bread & Butter

  • Italian Rosemary Focaccia
  • Homemade Salted Butter
  • Crunchy Breadsticks

Camp runs from 1 to 4 pm Monday to Wednesday. No single supplements.

Relish Cooking Studio recipes are developed using common cooking and baking ingredients that may or may not be specified in the menu titles, including various fruits and vegetables, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours, etc.