Reusable Food or Bread Storage Bag

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Cleaning instructions:  machine wash  when required, in cold water, hang to
dry, do Not use a dryer, reshape and if desired, press while damp with hot
About the fabric:
Unbleached cotton:   plain weave 100% cotton, vegan friendly,  - known as
"muslin".  Muslin was brought to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th or
18th century.  But it was discovered earlier by European travelers including
Marco Polo in the early 13th century.
The fabric was used for bandages in World War I and the Wright Brothers used
it as covering for wings and control surfaces on their gliders and the 1903
Wright Flyer.
Muslin is also used as a filter in food production to separate particles
(i.e./  cheese making, decanting fine wine) and Beekeepers use it to filter
melted beeswax.
Fabric has been prewashed.

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