Mason Cash Pudding Basin

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As classic and recognisable as the mixing bowls, no household would be complete without the traditional white Mason Cash Pudding Basin. Home and professional cooks have been steaming puddings in Mason Cash Pudding Basins for so long that the pudding basins have become design classics. The Mason Cash Pudding Basins blend high quality with a perfect functional design. Did you know that the British Royal Household gives Christmas puddings presented in Mason Cash Pudding Basins to their staff every year? Now that’s a testament to the bowl’s high quality. The protruding rim of the basin allows a lid to be tied and maintained throughout the steaming process and the vented base allows trapped pockets of air to escape easily when steaming.

Care & Use Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe Freezer Safe Conventional Oven Safe

Material: Earthenware
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


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