HOMEGROWN - Mairlyn Smith

HOMEGROWN - Mairlyn Smith

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From the Pacific coastline to the cool shores of PEI, Canada's sprawling geography provides terrain for some of the world's most diverse agriculture. In Homegrown, Professional Home Economist Mairlyn Smith proves that Canada can be the key ingredient in any meal, whether you're making a hearty stew from Saskatchewan-farmed lentils, a BC blueberry pie, Nova Scotia scallops or a simple pancake breakfast made from Albertan barley flour (and smothered in Quebec maple syrup, of course).

With over 175 recipes collected from members and students of the Ontario Home Economics Association, Mairlyn celebrates Canadian ingenuity and the delicious things that Canadians grow, produce and manufacture. Food connects people to their roots, and Homegrown is a testament to the farmers and families that have contributed to what's on the table, including a bounty of information on what makes Canadian products unique and why the "Made in Canada" label so often stands as a mark of excellence. Compiled alongside humorous stories and sidebars from Mairlyn and the OHEA members themselves, Homegrownshowcases the best of Canada.

Homegrown also includes is a wealth of nutritional information and a carb counter with every recipe, proving that an all-Canadian diet can be more than just delicious, it can also be a boon to your health. Engagingly written with Mairlyn's renowned wit, this is a book that gets to the heart of Canadian food, one hulless oat and slab of back bacon at a time.

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