BAKING BOOTCAMP: French Eclairs At Home (Hands On)

BAKING BOOTCAMP: French Eclairs At Home (Hands On)

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Think you need a pastry degree to make eclairs? Not at all. Join us in our kitchen and learn how to make homemade French eclairs for your home.

You’ll begin by learning how to make choux pastry – the basic pastry of all French eclairs. Then we’ll move on to piping and baking the crisp dough. Then you’ll whisk together a batch of vanilla pastry cream and chocolate glaze to fill and top the eclairs. Everyone will get in the fun of filling their own eclairs and of course we’ll sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labours with a delicious afternoon cup of coffee. How sweet is that!

MENU: Pâte à Choux, Vanilla Pastry Cream, Dark Chocolate Glaze