COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN: Under The Tuscan Sun (Hands-On)

COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN: Under The Tuscan Sun (Hands-On)

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Join us for an evening of fun, laughter and romance as you dine under the late summer Tuscan sun (in Kitchener).

In this special hands-on class, you and your date will prepare a spectacular late summer Tuscan inspired-menu while learning some classic Italian cooking techniques.   We will introduce you to corkscrew-shaped pasta cavatappi and pecorino a hard cheese made with sheets milk. We’ll walk you through the steps for searing scallops, making your own herbed ricotta cheese from scratch and chopping herbs for gremolata. Finally we will finish with a refreshing yet simple  summer dessert. After mastering these traditional techniques, you’ll look forward to creating romantic Tuscan dinners at home.


MENU: Seared Scallops with Orange Gremolata, Cavatappi with Grilled Zucchini with Herbed Ricotta Cheese, Arugula and Pecorino Salad, Affogato

Instructor: Donna-Marie Pye

What To Expect In Our Hands-On Classes: Great cooking is about more than recipes—it's about techniques. In our classes you'll work together with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors.

  • Classes are generally 3 hours.
  • You will work with other students in groups of 4
  • Hands-on classes are limited to 12 students
  • You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class
  • Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back
  • You will enjoy a generous taste of every dish
  • Students receive 10% off in-store purchases the day of class + 2 Relish points on their Loyalty card

RELISH recipes are developed using common cooking and baking ingredients that may or may not be specified in the menu titles, including various fruits and vegetables, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours, etc. If you have a food allergy, please check with us before attending the class. Adjustments to recipes cannot be made during class.