COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN: Cooking With Wine (Hands-On)

COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN: Cooking With Wine (Hands-On)

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Why does the glass get all the wine…let’s use a little in our cooking tonight too!
Working alongside your special someone, as we incorporate wine into everything we cook. From appetizers to desserts, discover how you can use an open bottle of wine and make delicious recipes from poultry dishes to jam and vinaigrette. You will learn how wine is the perfect ingredient to use for deglazing a pan and creating a delicious pan sauce. Plus we’ll practise our knife skills as you learn to chop vegetables and herbs perfectly. Discover how fun and romantic it is to prepare a meal together.   (PLEASE NOTE: Because you are working in groups, unfortunately we cannot offer substitutions or alternatives.)



MENU: Port Fig Jam with Goat Cheese and Crostini, Pan Seared Chicken Breasts & Leeks with Rosemary Vin Blanc Au Beurre, Endive and Radicchio Salad with Toasted Hazelnuts, Red Wine Poached Pears