COOKING THE BOOKS: Renaissance with Author Susan Fish (Jan)

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Do you love a great story and a great meal? Join us tonight for this special 1-night event with local author Susan Fish as she joins us to discuss her new novel - Renaissance. In honour of Susan's appearance at Relish, you will enjoy a delicious Italian-inspired meal, (many of the ideas taken from the novel) all while discussing the novel with the author. The meals will be prepared by Relish Cooking Studio. We encourage you to read the novel first, so we can have an enlightened book discussion with Susan. 

Menu: Fennel & Orange Salad, Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, Creamy Polenta & Garlic Rapini, Olive Oil Cake

Instructor: Donna-Marie Pye, P.H.Ec, | Susan Fish, Moderator

Class Type: Demonstration | Relish Signature

Date & Time: Thursday January 25, 6:00 PM

Book Synopsis: Elizabeth Fane is on the cusp of 50, but instead of celebrating with her family, she is on a plane to Italy alone, leaving behind her husband, three adult sons, and the profound rift between them.

In Italy Liz plans to prune olive trees at a convent, explore the city of Florence, and visit its ancient cathedrals. There she meets four women--five if you count the large painting of the Virgin Mary--with whom she converses regularly. While at first these conversations with the painting are ironic (and are always one-sided), eventually they turn to become another way for Liz to consider the rift between her and her family. Liz gradually reveals why she left home and sorts out what it will take for her to return. Renaissance is a story about a woman of a certain age -- a novel about the end of motherhood as Liz steps out of longstanding domestic roles to find her own place in the world.

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