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Our Complimentary Workshops are our way of giving back to our community and our sharing something special with our fantastic customers. These 1-hour workshops allow us to show you how to make a single dish or focus on a specific technique to create delicious results. There is no charge to attend, but we do appreciate a small free-will donation for the local charity we are supporting in today's workshop.

TODAY: Babka

Have you ever tried Babka? It's a sweet braided yeast bread that originated in the 1800's in the  Jewish communities of Poland, Russia & Ukraine. It's a rich history has produced Instagram and Pinterest worthy pages of beautiful runway models and pageview guarantors! They are one part buttery dough, one part chocolaty goodness and one part air. Then they are twisted, striated and marbled, struesel-topped and baked - they're cool, they're hip! Join us today we demonstrate how to how to make one yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised that babka is totally something you should (and can) pull off! We promise.

COVID PROTOCOL: You do not need to show vaccination status to attend, but we would prefer masking.

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