Berard French Rolling Pin

Berard French Rolling Pin

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Tapered Beech Wood French Rolling Pin - Berard of France

The tapered rolling pin is the classic style for French pastry-making, and this beautiful handcrafted beech wood pin is a marvelous choice. This wooden rolling pin is 20 inches in length, and 2 inches in diameter. Hand-wash this french rolling pin with a very mild detergent and allow to air-dry after use. This beech wood rolling pin comes to your home from Berard of France where artisans have been handcrafting individual pieces of kitchen tools and utensils from single chunks of select woods for over 120 years.

Using a french rolling pin takes some getting used to for those that are accustomed to pins with handles. Instead, the palms of the hands are used for pressing in the down and out movement used for flat bread and pastry doughs. Many professional pastry chefs agree that a tapered rolling pin gives more control over thickness, and also handles the doughs more delicately. This beech wood french rolling pin is so slender, light, yet strong. The french rolling pin makes smooth, quick work of flipping rolled dough over the length of the pin and easing the dough into the baking dish.

Beech wood is a hard, dense, white or cream-white wood with white flecking overlaid. This wood can commonly have a pale brown or pink tinting. It has a tight, compact, delicate grain and is similar in appearance to maple. Beech wood is prized for the manufacture of kitchen utensils because of its high shock resistance, and strength properties.

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