AUTHOR EVENT: New Indian Basics - Spice Infused Indian Cooking

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Welcome Preena Chauhan, one-half of the successful duo behind Arvinda’s premium Indian spice blends, and now co-authors of New Indian Basics cookbook. Preena, along with her mother Arvinda Chauhan have decades of professional and personal experience teaching Indian cooking and have launched their first cookbook teaching the basics of both traditional and modern Indian cuisine.

In today's class, Preena will prepare a classic menu that includes an appetizer, curry, basmati rice pullao and a dessert with masala chai. She will share her tips on how to make the fluffiest basmati rice and the most important spice flavouring rules when making a curry from scratch. She will reference the content and cooking guides in her stunning new cookbook. With this focus on the many expansive regions that make up India’s culinary fabric, you’ll be enticed to learn about these beloved specialties and new flavour profiles. Preena will use her many years as an educator to walk you through every step.

A copy of the book is included with each class registration (retail value $35.00). Please click on the drop down menu if you wish to register without the cookbook.

Menu: Pav Bhaji (a Mumbai street food of a vegetable curry served with a ghee toasted bun)Leafy Greens Saag Paneer, Mattar Pullao (cumin scented basmati rice with peas) Ginger-Spiced Masala Chai 

Instructor: Preena Chauhan | Bio

Format: Demonstration-Style | Reserve

Date & Time: Saturday February 25, 12:00 - 2:30 pm