Anna Olson Pastry Blender
Anna Olson Pastry Blender

Anna Olson Pastry Blender

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8.00 x 0.90 inch/20.50 x 2.30 cm wires.
3.75 x 0.80 inch/9.50 x 2.00 cm handle size.

This tool is designed to work butter evenly into pie pastry and scone dough.


This pastry blender evenly distributes ingredients into flour in order to keep pastry doughs tender and avoid overmixing

  • Features six curved stainless steel wires that effortlessly glide through and blends homemade dough, but is flexible enough that dough will not get stuck in between the wires
  • Includes a convenient thumb rest to allow added force when blending butter or shortening
  • Natural beech wood handle with waxed finish
  • Hand wash immediately after use and let air dry
  • Made in Taiwan