In-Store & In-Studio Protocols



As provincial restrictions are lifted Monday March 21, 2022 we want to respect personal preferences and comfort levels about wearing a mask. Masks are no longer required for our customers or staff. Relish staff have chosen to continue to wear a mask for the time being and we want to reassure you we are continuing to refine our protocols to meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to manage this new change as carefully and respectfully as possible. Other covid policies will still be in effect. If you are sick, we request that you stay home. Our Online Store is always open!



As provincial restrictions change, we have chosen to keep some protocols in place for cooking classes for the time being. We hope you will respect our choices as we move through this transition time. Since participants work in close proximity to each other, and it may be necessary for our staff to work closely with participants, we have chosen to maintain some protocols until further notice.

Highlights of Protocols:

  • While the provincial government has chosen to lift all mask mandates (March 21, 2022), our staff have chosen to continue to wear masks for cooking classes for the time being. We would prefer attendees wear a mask while walking around the studio however they can be removed while actively eating and drinking. 
  • While the provincial government has lifted Proof of Vaccination (March 1, 2022), we are continuing to require class participants to show proof of both vaccinations for the time being. We will re-visit weekly to see how well numbers are going. Please feel free to ask or send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.
  • All attendees and staff will be required to sanitize their hands before entry into our premise.
  • All attendees and staff will be required to withdraw from class if showing any Covid-19 symptoms. Store credits will be offered ONLY or transfer to another class at a new date.
  • Seats for cooking classes can now be booked as a single seat. If you are coming as a double seat, please let us know as we will organize seating to keep single registrants seated as safely as possible.
  • In-Studio classes are offered as Demonstration-Style or Hands-On. Demonstration-Style means we do the cooking and you watch. Hands-on cooking classes mean you do the cooking in a group setting with supervision by our staff. Please review class description to determine if they are Hands-On or Demonstration-Style.
  • NEW: You will now be allowed to bring your own wine to an in-studio cooking class for a $10 corkage fee per bottle.

All virtual classes are titled VIRTUAL. All in person classes are titled IN-PERSON