TEEN SUMMER SERIES (AGES 14 – 17): In The Italian Kitchen

TEEN SUMMER SERIES (AGES 14 – 17): In The Italian Kitchen

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Ignite your teen’s passion for cooking in our half-day 3 part series cooking camp learning how to prepare classic Italian dishes.

In our three-day cooking series teens ages 13 to 17 experiment hands-on with simple yet sophisticated Italian-inspired menus that they’ll enjoy recreating at home. Working with many local and international ingredients, they will learn the basics of cooking and baking techniques, menu planning, and organizing prep work.  We will explore how to make dishes such as homemade pasta for ravioli, Neapolitan-Style pizza and risotto plus create classic Italian treats good such as cannoli, gelato and sfingi (Italian donuts). Camp runs from 11 am till 2 pm.  Cost is $70 per day.  Space is limited. 

Day 1: Homemade Pasta, Cannoli

Day 2: Neapolitan-Style Pizza, Napoli Salad, Gelato

Day 3: Classic Risotto, Cortina Salad, Sfingi (Italian Doughnuts)

Parents: We are not a nut-free facility. This camp uses lots of cheese, wheat and eggs. We are sorry but there are NO substitutions.