LESSONS IN LIBATIONS: A Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Pairing Event (Demonstration-Style)

LESSONS IN LIBATIONS: A Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Pairing Event (Demonstration-Style)

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Celebrate Valentines or Gal-Entines tonight we bring together three divine creations - wine, cheese & chocolate. You'll explore the sensual contrasts and delights that each element brings to the experience - the crisp acidity, mouth-filling robustness or smooth viscosity of great wine; the sharp, subtly sweet or complexity of fine cheese: and the rich luxuriousness of superior chocolate ranging from milky cream to intensely dark. We are joined by Taste Of Craft cheese expert Jen Whyte as we walk you through our expertly guided tasting event, getting to know the cheesemaker or chocolate maker as much as the taste itself. We will also be making a gourmet tapas dish to serve with each course that perfectly matches each pairing. So join us for this exceptional evening as you learn, laugh, explore and taste. Dolce Vita


INSTRUCTOR: Donna-Marie Pye & Jen Whyte

What To Expect In Our Demonstration-Style Classes: Great cooking is about more than recipes—it's about techniques. In our demonstration-style classes you get to "sit-back and enjoy" while our professional chef instructors lead the class.

  • Classes are 2 1/2 to 3 hours, unless otherwise noted
  •  This class is limited to 14-22 participants
  • You will enjoy a generous taste of every dish