Warming Up With A Winter Curry

Just when we seem to get a little taste of sun and warmth, the cold comes back once again. But that’s what living in southern Ontario is all about.

For us winter is an opportunity to cook some of our favourite comfort foods. We demonstrated this vegetarian dish in a recent cooking class called “Sunday Suppers” where we featured recipes from a new cookbook of the same name Best of Bridge – Sunday Suppers. Quick and easy meals always have a place in our kitchen, and this Roasted Butternut Squash Curry fits the bill. What we loved was that it was also dairy and gluten free. While we are a food “inclusive” gang around here, every once in a while we need a dish that meets these credentials. One ingredient we will point out is the curry paste. We like to use the Patak’s brand (available in many grocery stores in the international aisle). It’s a blend of mild spices, which is ideal for Indian dishes but a couple of teaspoons of curry powder is also a simple alternative. This dish is creamy, sweet and tangy and absolutely full of flavour. For anyone who misses the meat, feel free to add some cooked chicken or beef, but we guarantee you will enjoy as is.

Roasted Butternut Squash Coconut Curry