Vegetarian Vietnam

It’s always exciting to see where chefs land in their careers. Such is the case with Cameron Stauch, a locally born and raised young man, who studied international business at McGill before deciding to follow his culinary passion to the Stratford Chef’s school. His illustrious career has given him the opportunity to cook for the many dignitaries such as the Governor General of Canada, many members of the royal family as well as business leaders and fellow Canadians where he loves to highlight Canadian heritage ingredients to create dishes and menus that represents Canada’s varied cultural communities.

After locating to the Far East with his young family, Cameron took the opportunity to explore new cuisines, and learn other cooking techniques from home cooks to develop a mutual understanding of each other’s unique cuisines. Now he has written his first cookbook for the North American market called Vegetarian Vietnam. After a book tour through the US, Cameron will be stopping in Kitchener and Relish before making his way back to his home in Thailand in August. He will be conducting a cooking class on July 26 in our studio and everyone attending will receive a copy of his cookbook. It’s a stunningly beautiful book with enticing recipes, beautiful photographs and engaging stories. We asked him for a “sample” for our Waterloo Chronicle recipe and he suggested this extraordinarily delicious summer salad. It uses mature green mangos, which can be found in Asian or Latin grocery stores, but under ripe mangos, purchased at regular grocery stores,are great to use too. And yes, use those crispy fried onions – something you will often find in many Vietnamese dishes.

If you want to learn more about Vietnamese cooking, consider signing up for this special one-night event. Before you know it, Chef Cameron will have you booking your next trip to Vietnam. (