Surviving The Madness Of A Move

If you are a regular visitor to Relish, you may have heard we are moving! Yes, after seven years on Regina Street, we are making a move around the corner to Victoria Street. Packing up is never easy, but my goodness, we have certainly accumulated a few too many kitchen tools. So it’s a good time to clean house. Time to purge old spices, vacuum cupboard drawers and most of all discover what’s hiding in the over flowing pantry!

In the midst of all this chaos, we still have managed to run a few cooking classes. In our No Fuss Spring Entertaining class last week, we prepared this fresh take on a white bean salad. Nothing is better than a salad using the bounty of fresh spring vegetables – peas, radishes and chives, to name a few. While most people are familiar with red radishes, if you get a chance, pick up a beauty known as a “watermelon” radish. It’s green outside gives way to a fuscia-pink interior that lends itself to salads such as this. The sugar snap peas and radishes add crunch, while herbs such as dill and chives lend bright flavor. Feta cheese contributes a salty note and one of our favourite kitchen tools, the mandoline, makes it easy to quickly and uniformly slice the radishes. Serve it as a side or main salad for an easy no-fuss spring dinner.

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: White Bean Salad With Spring Vegetables