Spring Cleaning For Wellness

Do you take the time spring clean? It’s a term we use a lot to signify that it is time to emerge from our winter hibernation, open the windows, shake out the carpets and let a new spring season come into our homes.

There is a lot of spring-cleaning happening at Relish. If you are a regular customer, you will know that we are moving to a new home in Kitchener soon – so cleaning out our Regina Street home is happening as we speak. But spring is also a time we like to do a reset of our physical health.  From December to April, we all seem to over indulge whether its food, alcohol or snacks. Last year Donna-Marie participated in the KW Cleanse – a nutritional cleanse coordinated by True Wellness, a holistic health centre in Kitchener.  For ten days she gave up dairy, alcohol and gluten, but it was caffeine and sugar that were the hardest to overcome.  What was most surprising though was what she did achieve – more mental clarity, better sleeping patterns and a little weight loss to boot (although that was not the objective.) What’s more, the array of delicious meals and snacks that she consumed over the ten days left her feeling satiated, never hungry.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s cleanse check out their website at www.kwcleanse.com or come out to the kick off event at Kitchener City Hall in the rotunda on April 24thfrom 3-6 pm.  Here is one of her favourite dishes she prepared  last year and sure to have again this year!

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls