Preparing For A Royal Wedding Celebration

With Maria off on a culinary tour of Sicily and an impending move of our business to Kitchener at the end of the month, Donna-Marie and staff are holding down the Relish fort. But if you know Donna-Marie, her eager anticipation of the Royal wedding this coming weekend has been on her calendar for the past six months.  She has taken the weekend off to spend with girlfriends and begin the anticipated celebration at 4 am on Saturday morning. Crazy (yes she knows that), but she has been watching this pomp and circumstance since 1973 when the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips (she knows all these details). You can believe the bubbles will be flowing, scones (a recipe we posted a month back)will be eaten and fascinators (fancy head wear) will be sported, with perhaps a Union Jack or two waving out the window.

Perhaps you are planning to host your own Royal wedding party or maybe you are a fan of many of those British baking shows.  Today’s recipe for Coronation Chicken Salad is more reason to celebrate. First created for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 by renowned florist Constance Spry and Cordon Bleu-trained chef Rosemary Hume, the recipe was widely published so it could be enjoyed at street parties across Britain. But with post war rationing, many of the ingredients would have been difficult to come across. The essential ingredients are curry and mango chutney, reflecting the English love of Indian cuisine. We have simplified our recipe from the original and this filling is delicious inside a sandwich, served open faced as a tiny tea sandwich or on a bed of buttery lettuce for a low-carb lunch.

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Coronation Chicken Salad