Pizza For Mom – At Breakfast

Twenty-five years ago, Maria and I each celebrated our first Mother’s Day – she with her new daughter Eliana and mine with daughter Darcy. While we didn’t know each other in those early days, life eventually brought us together and all five of our combined children have stories of travels, extra curricular activities and high school adventures spent together. Darcy and Eliana have become lifelong friends and Darcy will act as Eliana’s bridesmaid later this summer at her wedding in England.

Many of you will look forward to celebrating this upcoming Mother’s Day with family and friends. Maybe it will involve going out for breakfast or dinner. Maybe it will mean a breakfast served to you in bed (even if it means a bowl of soggy cereal and ice-cold toast). Young children love to bring Mom a special treat on the day that honours her. Since we spend so much time in our Relish kitchen, we love nothing more than being treated to Sunday brunch – especially since it gives us the day off from cooking.

Years ago, my friend Melisa Sandrock served this breakfast pizza on a cottage weekend and Donna-Marie has served it many times since at brunch events. It originated from the cookbook New Light Cooking written by author Anne Lindsay in conjunction with The Canadian Medical Association . If smoked salmon isn’t Mom’s favourite, substitute ham or tomatoes instead.  It’s deliciously light and healthy and if you are expecting guests, steps 1 to 3 can even be done ahead. We hope you enjoy your upcoming Mother’s Day celebration wherever you spend it.

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Breakfast Pizza