Making Breakfast For A Crowd – No Problem!

Eggs, so simple yet so complex! Their uses, preparation style and versatility make them almost endless. They are a pantry staple in most people’s refrigerators and while many people only think of them as a breakfast staple, we love to slide these incredible edibles onto salads, burgers, ramen bowls and vegetables.

With Easter just around the corner, you may be needing a brunch idea for a crowd. Have you ever considered making Eggs Benedict? Did you know you can poach your eggs in advance, make your Hollandaise ahead and even toast your muffins on a sheet tray brushed with a little melted butter? We have included some tips on how you can achieve this in today’s recipe. Feel free to use traditional ham, but we’ve added bright green asparagus and smoked salmon for a spring twist!

A Recipe From Our Kitchen: Eggs Benedict With Smoked Salmon & Asparagus (For A Crowd)