It’s Love At Peach Bite

I declared my love of the peach when I was 17 years old. In fact it was the first dessert dish I made for my then “boyfriend” and now “husband” in August of 1980 that set me on my road to study the culinary arts and nutrition.  I am reminded every summer of how much I still love them (husband and peaches) and all the ways in which I can incorporate them into my meals. Peaches can be used in so many ways from a savory main course, a dessert or to add freshness or sweet flavour to a dish.

Back in August of 1980, I was vacationing in Fenelon Falls and asked my boyfriend’s mother if I could make dinner. I don’t remember what the first course was, but I pulled out my mother’s dessert recipe for Whiskey Caramel Peaches….well truth be told, she didn’t use whiskey. I added that myself, with a little Crown Royal that was cottage-ready. I served it over Kawartha Dairy Vanilla ice cream – and well I guess the rest is history. I got the “guy” and every August since as we trek around the farmer’s market he still asks for those peaches. When my children were young, I omitted the whiskey, but now it seems to be a staple in the recipe, for them and us! For an added modern touch, I’ll finish them off with a sprinkling of Maldon salt – a large flake sea salt, that gives the dish that salty, caramel combination. I just picked up a fresh basket of peaches, so tonight I’ll be making that longed for dessert once again!

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Whiskey Caramel Peaches