Apple Crumble – A Recipe Mash Up

Last week Donna-Marie’s son and his girlfriend Julia decided to go apple picking. It’s an activity her family has always done, in October. When her now 20 year olds were younger, it was something they looked forward to annually because they could look daydream about the different recipes they would potentially create with all the different apples we would pick. There were always some snow apples for Grandma (a heritage variety that can be hard to come by), Courtland for Dad so he could make his batch applesauce, Northern Spy and Empire for Donna-Marie (I love a good apple crisp) and McIntosh for sister Darcy, just for eating. But for Jack, it’s all about what makes a prize winning apple pie. Elizabeth Baird, former editor of Canadian Living magazine and now respected Canadian food historian and writer taught her, that a great winning pie is made of three types of apples – one for sweetness, one for tartness and one that holds it shape when cooked.

We decided to harness this idea and turn her favourite pie filling into an apple crumble instead. Many people find it challenging to make a flaky piecrust, but transferring the filling into a crumble is a much easier task. You can combine the apples with a seasonal fruit as well, for a delicious fruit mash-up. The result is not only extremely delicious but also very easy to execute. In fact it’s such a doable and crowd-pleasing recipe, you might just find yourself making it on a Thursday night!

A Recipe From Our Kitchen: Apple Mash Up Crumble